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Surrender yourself and your house to a ProPurr Siberian Cat.

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Make your household a ProPurr Home.


Whether you are looking for a companion, a healer, or an inspiration, ProPurr cats will have the right amount of love, curiosity, and ancient wisdom to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams. We guarantee purr-ficiency in our graduates because we breed only the purr-fect and truly purr-bred Siberian cats.



Siberian cat 7mo old



Health Benefits


Because Siberians are a hypoallergenic breed, many people with cat allergies can enjoy cat companionship at their homes. Our ProPurr cats will follow you around the house, wait for you when you are away, and curl up by your feet or keyboard, ready to give you your ProPurr therapy session to help fight your stress.

How to prepare for a ProPurr Kitten


Taking care of a ProPurr cat is a great responsibility, but you can do it, and we are happy to help.

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Color-Point Siberian